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Doctors in Hilton clinic has dedicated his life to helping people take control of their health.

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Founder Dr. Hilton

Dr. Hilton, a visionary entrepreneur, has deftly combined professional excellence and personal achievement with social commitment and contribution. Single-handedly responsible for pioneering natural medicine in India, Dr. Hilton has not only set up a colossal corporate empire but also extended the medical benefits of this safe and sure medical system throughout the country through path-breaking commercial as well as charitable initiatives.

In 1984, when he entered the profession, Natural medicine was regarded as an ancient art, little better than faith healing, and practiced mainly by amateurs and retirees. Early to recognize that Natural medicine would be the medical system of the future, he standardized and professionalized Natural medicine to bring it on par with conventional medicine by using technology to give it scientific backing. Armed with little more than a first class professional degree and fierce determination, he took up the challenge of winning for Natural medicine the medical respect that it rightfully deserved. That today Natural medicine is viewed as a modern, progressive, efficient and effective medical option is largely a tribute to his medical skills, entrepreneurial courage, dedication and foresight.

He strived incessantly to bring about the acceptance and legalization of Natural medicine across the world and was instrumental in legalizing the science in India where he set up its first Natural clinic. A prolific writer, he has authored several books on Natural medicine, besides writing a regular weekly column on healing with Natural medicine in a leading newspaper.Being a philanthropist, he established Dr. Hilton' Positive Health Foundation in 2001 to help the underprivileged and deprived. The Foundation has been making a profound difference to the lives of street children, orphans, handicapped people and the elderly. Every clinic adopts orphanages and old-age homes and provides lifelong free treatment to the inmates.

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