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Doctors in Hilton clinic has dedicated his life to helping people take control of their health.

Hilton Health Clinic

Social Responsibilities

Replete with Social conscience and a desire to fulfill his social responsibilities, Dr. Hilton established Hilton Clinic in 2001 to help the underprivileged and deprived.

This Foundation symbolizes his philanthropist nature and has been making a profound difference to the lives of street children, orphans, physically and mentally challenged people, elderly and even extends its services to animals. Every clinic adopts orphanages and old-age homes and provides lifelong free treatment to the inmates.

Fueled by the goodness in people's hearts, Hilton Clinic is out to make a difference to the lives of the needy and strongly believes that 'Together we can create the change we want to see!' The funds raised by the Foundation are completely used for our CSR activities only and no part of this is used for any administrative processes involved. This ensures that every penny is put to fruitful use - in the right place and at the right time!

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